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Do you offer online or e-learning training?

Yes, some of our courses are available online including Assertiveness Skills training and Anger Management. These courses can be customized to address your specific needs. If you are interested in our courses online contact us for more details.
Do you customize your training programs?

Yes, relevant information and transfer of learning are our priorities.
We customize in a number of ways:

  • Holding focus groups prior to the training
  • Meeting with management to learn about the organization
  • Distributing a Pre-workshop Questionnaire to determine participant needs
  • Using case studies taken from the workplace
  • Modifying visual aids from the company to learn Best Practices

Do you travel?

Yes, we have delivered out training programs across Canada, into the United States, in France and Italy.

Do you deliver training in languages other than English?

No, we regret that we do not offer training in French or other languages.  We have worked successfully with interpreters.

Do you hold public workshops?

No, we prefer to customize training in-house.  We work with smaller groups on specific skill sets and relate that immediately back to the workplace. 

What follow-up do you provide?

Follow-up is important to transfer of skills.  We build that into the training whenever possible in a number of ways:

  • Secondary and tertiary evaluations
  • Personal action planning on the completion of each workshop
  • Follow-up half-day sessions 1-3 months following the training
  • Electronic support for individuals on an as needed basis

Do you deliver keynote speeches?

Yes, we deliver talks to large groups for conventions, town hall meetings, staff retreats.

Do you offer one-on-one support?

Yes, we work with individuals who want or need one-on-one coaching.
This private coaching helps senior executives who want to polish their skill in a designated area; employees with outstanding needs that require individual attention; people with challenges that they want to be confidential.