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lunch learn talks


lunch learn toronto

These entertaining and educational talks are designed to engage the audience with a specific topic of interest and leave the listeners with practical tips to try on their own. The 60 – 90 minute sessions are interactive, fast-paced and ideal for medium to large groups meetings.

Express Yourself Assertively

Most of us like to believe we communicate clearly and easily, that our message gets received as we intended and the interaction is successful. However, in many business situations, communication is a lot more fragile. When time is short, people are defensive or the situation is tense, communication can easily breakdown. As professionals our intent is to communicate with respect for self and respect for others. That is what Assertiveness is all about.

In this practical session, you will learn the real meaning of “assertiveness,” its impact on body language and how to use some assertive techniques to communicate effectively in challenging situations.

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Are You Really Listening?

Covey said “Most people listen with the intent to reply. They’re either speaking or preparing to speak.” With multi-tasking and technologies that keep us hooked up electronically, it’s harder than ever to put our brains on full stop and actually listen to others. In fact, the listener has more control over the conversation than the speaker. Successful selling is a 70% listening proposition. How well do you listen to your peers, your customers, your kids? Whether you want to build relationships, inspire trust or sell in, there are ideas and skills that can help you improve listening. Learn strategies to put your best listening into practice to achieve your end goal.

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Managing Up

Every business person wants to know how to build a better relationship with their boss. During this interactive workshop, participants will explore: what they want from their jobs; how to build trust and credibility in a direct way; how to work with different leadership styles. Language plays an important role in any relationship. What is the language of accountability? Managing Up is all about a mind-set - the right attitude and a skill set, knowing how to use your skills in the best way to feel more fulfilled at work.

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Quick Tips for Delivering a Winning Presentation

Whether you’re presenting to staff at a team meeting, clients at a business meeting or senior executives at the boardroom table; you want to engage your audience, inspire their confidence and influence their thinking. Learn the skills to drive your body language, organize your information and strategize to deliver a presentation that accomplishes these goals.
You want your next presentation to be: engaging, with a focused message, delivered in a powerful way and responsive to the audience.

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The Business of You: How to Make Personal Branding Work For You

Whether you’re looking for a job, want a promotion or are looking to be a brand ambassador for your company, building and maintaining a strong personal brand is important to finding success. In this digital age, you need to make sure you have your best foot forward at all times.

In this practical session, you will learn the tips and tricks for crafting a strong online presence. You will learn how to influence the conversations others have about you and more importantly, you will be better able to pitch yourself to potential clients, employers, investors, and more.

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Doing it Right on Social Media

With the mass use of social media, we are constantly inundated with stories from our friends, advertisements from brands, photos from celebrities. In this networked world, it is difficult to stand out and maintain an engaged audience. How do you create engaging content and foster communities online? How do you ensure the community you have is coming back for more? How do you maximize the tools to your advantage? Our Social Media 101 course will teach you all of this.

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It’s (Still) Who You Know: Make the Most of Networking On and Offline

The first step in learning how to network effectively is to stop thinking of it as networking. Networking is another way of saying relationship building. When you build relationships the right way, many possibilities open up: you can grow profile and awareness of yourself or your company, find new opportunities, generate sales leads among many other benefits. In this workshop, learn when and how to network as well as modern best practices to find success.

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Understanding Your Millennials: Intergenerational Communication and Understanding

Though some companies are already there, by 2025, millennials will make up nearly 80% of the workforce. As this generation eagerly grows, so does a misunderstanding and divide between millennials and the older generations they work alongside. How do we increase empathy between generations? How do we motivate millennials while still reaching business goals? This session will explore the defining characteristics of millennials, how to foster intergenerational understanding in the workplace, and how to successfully engage and retain this connected generation.

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