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clientspic One-on-One Coaching

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Would you benefit from learning to:

  • Make dry information more interesting and dynamic?
  • Use your voice and body language to engage your audience?
  • Calm nervous fears before an important speaking event?

Special speeches or presentations require special preparation. Leaders across all industries want to be more persuasive and influential addressing their audiences. Private and confidential one-on-one consultation will help you deliver a more dynamic and memorable presentation.

Bina Feldman Consulting can help move from the ordinary to the extraordinary when you get on your feet.

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Do you:

  • Ask for what you want in a clear and direct manner?
  • Having difficulty say “no”?
  • Know how to respond to criticism appropriately?

Many people want to stand up for themselves and don’t know how. Some situations can be very intimidating. Few of us enjoy confrontation, however there are circumstances in everyone’s life that need resolution. In difficult situations some people veer to the passive side while others become aggressive. Finding the right balance is a skill that can be learned.

In this confidential coaching program, Bina Feldman Consultants will teach you the fundamentals of assertiveness and with support; you apply them directly to your personal situation.

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Communication Skills

Do you:

  • Ramble without getting to the point quickly?
  • Have difficultly explaining complicated ideas?
  • Want to stay focused when you listen vs. thinking ahead?
  • Communicate professionally in delicate situations?

Communication is something we do all day every day, so why do we need to learn how to do it better? Because communication skills are critical to success in business, we recognize the need to continually upgrade this important skill. Whether you’re speaking with your team, your manager or your clients, you want to ensure that your message is received the way you intended.

In a private, confidential setting, Bina Feldman Consultants will help you learn communication strategies to come across with professionalism, clarity and diplomacy.

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Interviewing Skills

Do you:

  • Get very nervous before or during an interview?
  • Need support practicing interview questions?
  • Want feedback and suggestions for improvement before the meeting?

Interviews are intimidating on many levels. There’s usually a lot riding on their success. The interviewer is often unknown to the interviewee. We don’t know how we are coming across under pressure.

Bina Feldman Consultants can help you prepare for your upcoming important interviews. Using mock interview techniques and video feedback, we can help you practice the best answers to frequently asked questions. We will coach you to come across with confidence, thoughtfulness and energy.

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Customer Service

When dealing with difficult customers do you:

  • Use a tone of voice that reveals your own frustration?
  • Resent the extra time and care needed to resolve their complaints?
  • Know how to offer the small things that make a difference?

If difficult customers wear you down with their demands and complaints, you will benefit from one-on-one confidential coaching in customer service skills. Many people who “serve” in one capacity or another experience high stress as a result of their job.

You can learn to manage the customer with more professionalism, improve your effectiveness and reduce your own personal involvement.

Private and confidential coaching can help you develop the mind set and the skill set to improve your productivity with customers and reduce your own stress factor.

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