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Is Your Team Presentation Seamless and Cohesive?

Does each speaker make a strong contribution to your presentation?
  • Are you presenting in front of a selection committee?
  • Are you making an important sales presentation?
  • Are you presenting as part of a cross-functional team?
  • Are you responding to a complex RFP?
  • Are you involved in a joint venture and need to present as a unified group?
What you say is your business…
How you say it… is ours!

Bina Feldman Consulting will help you:

 1. Come across as a unified group
 2. Ensure your visuals are strong and support your material
 3. Segue seamlessly from one speaker to the next
 4. Determine the right amount of information
 5. Present the big picture in the midst of lots of detail
 6. Be persuasive as well as informative
 7. Speak within the allotted timeframe
 8. Respond to difficult questions
 9. Be memorable to your audience
10. Present with credibility and authority